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Air humidification standards


Standard Topics and contents
VDI 6022 Indoor air technology, indoor air quality
DIN 3803 Central ventilation and air-conditioning systems (VDI ventilation rules)
DIN 1946-4 Ventilation and air-conditioning systems in buildings and healthcare facilities
DIN 1946-6:2019-12 Ventilation and air conditioning part 6: ventilation of apartments 
general requirements, requirements for design, execution, commissioning and handover as well as maintenance
DIN EN 1717 Protection of drinking water against contamination in drinking water installations and general requirements for safety devices to prevent drinking water contamination by backflow; German version EN 1717:2000; technical rule of DVGW
DIN EN 16798-1:2021-04 Energetic evaluation of buildings - ventilation of buildings part 1:
Indoor climate input parameters for the design and assessment of energy performance of buildings in terms of indoor air quality, temperature, light and acoustics - module M1-6; German version EN 16798-1:2019
EN 13053:2020 Ventilation for buildings - central air handling units - performance characteristics for units, components and assemblies; German version EN 13053:2019
Directive 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive


Air humidification standards (specifically for Austria)

Standard Topics and contents
OENORM H 6021:2016-08-15 Ventilation systems - maintenance and cleaning -
national supplements to OENORM EN 15780
OENORM H 6020:2019-06-01 Ventilation systems - for rooms used for medical purposes -
design, construction, operation, maintenance, technical controls and hygiene controls